LaTeX Exam Template

A new version (5.0) of my LaTeX exam template has been released!

The main features are:

  • reworked question syntax (this may break backwards compatibility, but it makes everything easier to read)
  • fixed multicolumn multiple choice questions (finally!)
  • a lot of examples of how to do things, especially in Tikz

There are also some planned additions in this version, but the above link will remain the same. A topic test template will also be released soon.

Non-Periodic Tiling: Chaos Tiles

Chaos Tiles are a type of non-periodic tiling with two types of pentagonal tiles.


Ultimate & Quantum Tic Tac Toe

These are the two best (imo) sites to play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe:

This is the best (imo) site to play Quantum Tic Tac Toe:

Polypad Pennywise

Pennywise in Polypad


Polypad Dots & Boxes

Dots & Boxes in Polypad