Here is an incomplete collection of my favourite links!



Desmos is not just an awesome online graphing calculator. It’s also a useful scientific calculator, easy geometry tool, and a platform for great interactive activities for class. My favourite one is the MarbleSlides Challenge – you could even give it to your students ;)


Geogebra is an incredibly powerful online geometry and CAS tool. It is currently on the list of things I need to improve! Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there, and some amazing Geogebra pros out there, like Steve Phelps, Juan Carlos, and Vincent Pantaloni (of Geometry Snacks fame).


Overleaf is a collaborative LaTeX editor that I now use for all my tests and exams. LaTeX has a steep learning curve at the beginning, but is definitely worth it, as it makes typesetting much easier and nicer, and with the proper templates, makes formatting much faster and more professional. I will eventually include some of my templates and links to tutorials here.


Mathigon is an awesome ‘textbook’ and website with fantastic interactives. The most fun is the Polypad which is a collection of virtual interactives, including the ability to create a net and fold it into a polyhedron! is the best tool for coding in any (non-Scratch) language. You can also create your own classes for programming assignments, collaborate on code together, share your code to the world, or even host your own projects.


Grok Learning and the ACA

Grok Learning and the Australian Computing Academy are the places all digital technologies and computing teachers should visit first.


MathsLinks has pretty much all the links any maths teacher needs, and many invaluable resources created by the awesome teachers out there.


There are a number of great sites out there with resources for problem-based learning in maths:


I have a lot of books, especially about mathematics. Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order:

YouTube & Podcasts

My favourite YouTube channels are Numberphile (and Numberphile2) and 3Blue1Brown for lovers of maths, Computerphile which is ideal for any computing class, and YNOT Math, WooTube, and Joel Speranza Math for flipped maths.

My favourite podcasts are the Joy of X by Steven Strogatz, Mathematical Objects by Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett, My Favourite Theorem by Kevin Knudson and Evelyn Lamb, the Numberphile podcast by Brady Haran, Mr Barton Maths by Craig Barton, MathsTalk by AMSI Schools, and Shirtloads of Science by the great Dr. Karl.

Social Media

I have found that Twitter is the best way to develop your PLN (professional learning network) because there are so many amazing teachers out there. From the inimitable Eddie Woo and talented Catriona Shearer to hashtags like #AussieED and #OzCSChat, there is plenty out there to inspire and teach you.

Facebook is evil. However, there are some great groups of teachers out there, if you are discerning. If you are a maths teacher in NSW, make sure you are a member of the MANSW FB group.