Coding for Maths

Most Maths teachers agree that coding is a useful skill for Maths, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time to learn, or think it would distract from the already crowded curriculum that we have to teach. The aim of this page is to give practical and simple examples of coding that could be actually be used in class, and link to resources for further explorations. This is an evolving page that will grow with time, and with feedback from you. If there is anything you want to be shown how to do with code, please contact me on Twitter @draketeach or via email.


Examples will be given in two languages – Block coding and Python. The reason for Block coding is that it is easy to learn and use, and many (if not most) students have used it at some point. The most famous example of Block coding environments is Scratch, but we will be using Trinket as it is better suited for our purposes and can be embedded in a LMS. The reason for Python is that it is powerful, used by mathematicians, but still relatively easy to pick up. We will be using as it is free, online, and has functionality for teachers.

  • Getting Started: Functions and Output – Block | Python


  • Grok Learning is one of the best ways to learn to code in Block or Python, and has courses combining Maths and Coding.
  • Khan Academy is most famous for its Maths videos and exercises, but also covers Coding and Computer Science.
  • Snap! is like Scratch, but more powerful and much better suited to Maths.
  • Code By Math is a fun site for exploring Maths with code.

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